Morgan Wallace assignments are typically commercially confidential. Accordingly we present herewith only the general nature of assignments that either Morgan Wallace or its Executive Director, Bevan Wallace have undertaken or participated in. If you seek elaboration please contact us.

    • Commercial value audits and scoping studies in respect of State-owned entities including provision of advice in relation to the sales process and acting as quality assurer in respect of valuations.
    • Strategy reviews.
    • Asset allocation and investment portfolio management review and recommendations.
    • Financial restructuring and implementation of a scheme of arrangement with creditors.
    • Expert witness testimony to the High Court and Commerce Commission on valuation, capital markets, underwriting, investment risk and expected return, financial asset and liability management and interpretation of economic consequences of contractual commitments.
    • Valuation of numerous entities and businesses including for the purposes of effecting the transfer of ownership, evaluating a potential acquisition, determining the terms of an amalgamation and establishing the commercial viability of a corporate plan.
    • Preparation of EVA analysis and associated valuation parameters to evaluate potential acquisitions, mergers of interests or corporate plans.
    • Cost of capital including application of the capital asset and option pricing models.
    • Review of contracts and associated risk management.
    • Estimate of industry benchmark asset values and associated returns.
    • Critique of specific applications of the Optimal Deprival Valuation methodology.
    • Energy transmission pricing principals.
    • Appraisal of electricity and port access pricing contracts.
    • Arbitrator in respect of determining contractual rights and obligations including fee payable.
    • Facilitator for strategic planning process and the commercial negotiations determining the location of a major infrastructure asset.
    • Independent appraiser of option schemes.
    • Management of tender offers including preparation of Investment Summary and Information Memorandum, supervision of due diligence and co-ordination of indicative offers.
    • Management of business sale and purchase including negotiation of terms and conditions.
    • Intellectual property valuation.
    • Seminars on valuation, due diligence and financial analysis.

During the course of his assignments either under specific instruction or as part of an educational programmes Bevan has made a number of presentations to a wide variety of audiences and published a number of articles including:

USX News (2008-2018)  including Busting the regulatory myth; Market prices - show me the math; Absolute value - why the decline?; Debt Funds - Why the wipe-out?; Close encounter invokes raison d'�tre; Rules we can do without; Don't shoot the messenger; Unlisted's perspective of Securities Law Review; Savings - It's not how much it's how we invest; Unlisted seeking Issuer views on Financial Market Conduct Bill; Communications Strategy - building on the Issuer Profiles; Share Prices and Return on Capital Employed; The Fallacy of growth; Unlisted - 10 years on; Reflecting on issuers past, present and future; Why list with Unlisted?; FMCA exemption application lodged; Unlisted remains an unlicensed financial product market; Mitigating Risk in the Agricultural Sector; Celebrating Success; Capital Structure; Fair Value; Markets and Price Discovery - Value in Exchange; Listing Landscape Tsunami Warning; Delivering up Value for Issuers and Investors ( )
Choice gives breadth, depth to capital markets, The National Business Review (2008)
How to provide investor liquidity and avoid the dash for cash, The Independent (2008)
A Framework for Government in Business, The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (1992)
Investment Management An Overview of Modern Portfolio Theory, Jacques Martin (1992)
Interpreting Capital Markets, CS First Boston (1992), Hendry Hay McIntosh (1996)
Monitoring (Fishing) Industry Performance, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (1992)
Institutional Investment Criteria, Cogeneration Association of NZ Inc (1993)
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Trans Power New Zealand Limited - Cost of Capital, a report for Major Electricity Users' Group (1995)
New Zealand Dairy Industry - Value Added (1995)
Evaluation of the case for Government direct-line funding Arts Organisations (1998)
Integrating Strategy and finance, Business Information in Action conference Linking Strategy & Performance (1999)
An Introduction to EVA® and Value-based reporting concepts, Major Electricity Users Group Annual Conference (2000), Crown Company Monitoring Unit (2000)
Valuation Issues as Chairman, Annual Brightstar Company Valuation Mastercourse (2004 - 2008)
Credit Crunch Consequences for Valuation, Brightstar Company Valuation Mastercourse (2009)
Technology Company Valuation Case Study, Brightstar Company Valuation Mastercourse (2011)
Perspectives on Financial Market Reform, Law & Economics Association of New Zealand (2011)

Valuation, Valuation Methodologies, Financial Analysis and Due Diligence, University of Otago Business School (2011)