The scope of Morgan Wallace's value-based strategy services extends from governance to valuation methodology, process and application. Based on a financial economic framework the Morgan Wallace focus is on identifying property rights, value drivers and the specific requirements of stakeholders.

Morgan Wallace prides itself on offering objective independent strategic and financial economic advice. Services cover strategy, valuation, communication and process as outlined herewith.

Strategic Review

  • Independent review of business plans, proposed transactions and valuations.
  • Identification of appropriate performance measures and setting appropriate benchmarks.
  • Establishing optimal capital structure and dividend policy.
  • Assessing value consequences of alternative business strategies and financial structures.
  • Identifying and attributing strategic value in a proposed acquisition or divestment.


  • Determinants of market value in a financial economic framework.
  • Assessing cash flows and risk and attributing a cost to capital.
  • Identification of strategies that create and destroy value and reconciling value differentials.


  • Identification of the dominant price-setting investors.
  • Establishing the essential messages to be conveyed.
  • Preparation of an information memorandum.
  • Interpretation of investor feedback.


  • Property right identification and assessment.
  • Risk identification and assessment.
  • Validating cash-flow forecasts.
  • Conduct of the competitive tender process.